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Real Classroom Feel

Our courses are designed using some of the latest technologies available ensuring that you to receive an engaging and interactive learning experience including audio and visual elements.

Real textbooks are provided to students for their coursework, rather than e-Books. Using an actual textbook and a highlighter can help alleviate the stress of staring a computer screen for long periods of time.


A no-cost tutoring program and program-specific online library are offered with each program at Westwood College.

Students are provided with individual storage space on our online server in order to complete their capstone projects and portfolios.

Advanced Technology

Technical support for both Windows and Mac is provided 24/7 by Westwood College, so support is available when you need it. Earning a degree online doesn't mean you have to be a computer genius … we are here to help.

Our courses are enabled with college homework help sophisticated audio/video technologies and virtual meeting technologies designed for users with varied technical expertise.

Westwood College provides students with industry-standard, relevant software as part of their education. Potential employers expect employees to have up-to-date knowledge of commonly used software applications, so this is beneficial in helping to prepare students for the real-world.

Career Development

Our Career Development Services provide career development tools and guidance to help empower you to transfer your academic experience to career success.

Fast-Track Education

Year-round classes and focusing on the writing papers for money most critical skills needed to advance in their chosen careers allows Westwood College students to graduate faster than students in traditional schools.

At Westwood College it is possible to earn an Associates degree in as little as 20 months!

Changing Lives

"When I finished my degree it improved the marketability of my company and allowed them to place me on pay for college papers contracts and in roles where I was qualified with a degree (from Westwood). It also got me a 20% raise with a college degree." - Ron Dow, 2006 WOL Graduate

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