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How to write an essay

Let's see how to write a great essay 1. Read the requirements carefully. This applies to any subject or exam. Here you will see that you are required to take three things into account in order to reach the maximum score: to respect the argumentative discourse structure, to have the appropriate content for the argument on the given topic, to respect the rules of literary language and the word count specification. Language too heavy? I translate it below.

2. Focus on the hypothesis. What does the hypothesis contain? Two lines: first you will point out a generally valid truth from essay writer free about the topic under discussion, and second you will express your opinion about it. The valid general truth introduces the evaluator to the content of your essay. And it helps you gain a few lines. You can start like this: "It is well known that...", or "It is known that...", or "Since ancient times people have understood that...". Then you formulate an opinion on the topic by starting a new line like this: "In my opinion...", or "I believe that...", or "I consider that...". Here the next thing is very important: you have to insert the two arguments that will form the basis of your essay by, let's call them, their titles. In other words you will condense the two arguments into two words or phrases linked by the conjunction "and". So that they are visible! This means that you don't start writing quickly, but think about the whole essay in advance, make a mental outline (or draft) and summarise the arguments in the last part of the hypothesis. I'll show you an example at the end to help you understand.

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